Saturday, 13 September 2008

Behind the Scenes: Unknown

Assisted gaffer (though mainly DoP) Martin Edelsteen on a music video this spring. Just got a few behind the scenes shots back from the lab. The music video was directed by Kristoffer Metcalfe as one of his final projects at the Norwegian film school, and was shot by fellow student and DoP Magnus Fl├ąto. The band actually did not have a name at the time of shooting, and I still don't know if they do.

The video was set in a large house in Oslo where the band actually lived for a while, and featured a dead vocalist, a party with the band and a lot of dancing girls, large amounts of smoke, and a fake sun that was dollied in and out of takes. Fun. The entire thing was shot on the Silicon Imaging SI-2K.

All pictures taken during my "cross processing-phase":

Gaffer, choreographer and director reviewing a take

The band and the fake sun

Again, bandmember standing by the piano

Gaffer and camera assistant


The director relaxing between takes

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