Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Behind the Scenes: "Siste stopp" by Eilif Bremer Landsend

Had some time to snap pictures while gaffing on the short film "Siste stopp" by Eilif Bremer Landsend this summer. The film is written and directed by Eilif, with Torkel Riise Svenson doing the cinematography.

We had four days of production in Tromsø in July, shooting in a hospital, on a bus and on top of a mountain. The film is about the journey of a sick old lady, towards her final destination (English for "Siste stopp"), with distinguished actor Henny Moan playing the main character. Watch out for this one at Norwegian festivals next year.

Discussing The Shot
Director and cinematographer discussing the shot

Director Eilif Bremer Landsend

Cinematographer Torkel Riise Svenson

Torkel, Cinematographer
Shooting on the bus

1st assistant camera Viktor Enoksen

Henny Moan, Actor
Main actor Henny Moan, watching the take

Christian, Sound Recordist
Sound recordist Christian Caspersen

Checking The Gate
Checking the gate

Eilif, Director
Happy director

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  1. Har faktisk sett den filmen. Ganske bra. Vi så den da Eilif var på skolen i forbinnelse med at tivbit skulle lage ny film gruppe. Jeg melde meg på og ble faktisk med. : )


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