Friday, 14 March 2008

Looking For Graphic Artist

We're in the final stages of a short film production, and looking for a graphic artist to join the project.

The film was shot last summer, all studio, partially green screen. We need to get in touch with a graphic artist who would like to work with the backdrops for the green screen part. We've got some ideas of what we want, but we're also open for ideas and suggestions. Bottom line is we're in a fictional world where anything is possible, so it's not quite realism we're looking for. Michel Gondry has been sort of a visual reference during pre-production.

There is unfortunately no money in the project, so anyone interested would have to do it because they like the project, and could use the final product for their showreel.

Here are some uncorrected grabs from the final edit of the film:

The film is directed by Marte Magnusdotter Solem, while I am cinematographer, and assisting Marte with the visual part of post production.

If this sounds like your kind of project, contact me, and I'll give you more information about the film and the production.

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