Thursday, 8 February 2007

Room With a View

Finally settled into my new apartment in Oslo after having intended to move for half a year or so. Anyway, I can now be visited in Louises gate 15b, just call me.

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  1. Anonymous17:22

    Hey, what a view! Pretty nice dude, you've got have some good connections to get that place. I might just give you a ringadingding to come have a look. Are you living with any of the crew from Runaround Film? Hope it's not that Torkel guy, because he looks kinda weird. That Andy guy on the other hand looks like a real laugh to be with. Is he single? Such a handsome and well dressed man, and I found the things he wrote about himself to be quite thought provoking. Give my regards. Well, have to run, hope you're doing just splendid.


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