Friday, 3 November 2006

Pictures From Amsterdam

I took my girlfriend to the capital of the Netherlands last month to celebrate her birthday (she doesn't want me saying how old she got though), and of course, to relax for a few days. A little delayed, but here is a short picture report.

Me and my girlfriend in the park

We spent the daytime in cafés and museums, and then spent the evenings enjoying what the city had to offer in terms of food and culture. There are great exhibitions of Rembrandt and Van Gogh, as well as some interesting bits on the impressive history of the Dutch people. I guess I'll have to admit I'm a bit of a history nerd (securely locked up in a bullet proof closet, though).

My girlfriend in the park outside the National Museum

Boat on the channels

I guess you have to question the logic behind living north of the Arctic Circle, when central Europe can offer 20 degrees and sun in October. But that's life, at least we can get out of here when it gets too bad.


  1. Hey lille elling!
    ser fantastisk ut i Amsterdam - skal absolutt pröve ä komme meg dit mens jeg först er her nede:)
    Häper du har det bra, og Maria ogsä. Neste gang du tar henne med pä kjaerlighetsferie, kanskje dere stikker innom Belgia?
    Klem, Maja

  2. I've there a few months ago.
    I' loved the city too.
    What a magic vibe it has!


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