Sunday, 3 September 2006

That's a Wrap

After a day of shooting, "Vidda" (working title) is ready to move into the editing room. The production has been put together by director Ole Giæver in relatively short time, and was shot on a mountain outside Tromsø yesterday.

Heavy winds caused some trouble early on, and we had to move location causing earlier loss of sun. This in turn gave us trouble keeping 100% consistency, which will be a challenge when we start editing it together, but I think we'll manage.

Bjørn Sundquist and Ole Giæver on the set

We operated with a small, dynamic crew, aiming to work fast and thereby allow for more improvisation. The story took some really interesting twists up there, especially thanks to input from our excellent actors Bjørn Sundquist and Anders Baasmo Christiansen. Working their way through the story, the actors in collaboration with Ole managed to add another dimension to the film, which should end up quite nice.

Next step; piecing it all together.

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