Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Fixing Issues Caused By Uninstalling Pinnacle

I am writing this to help other people who might be having the same problem with their computer.

As some people, including myself, have experienced, removing Pinnacle video editing applications from your computer can cause some serious pain in the a** afterwards. I had a trial version of Pinnacle Liquid (now bought by Avid and renamed Avid Liquid) installed, but decided to uninstall it again. Suddenly these weird "missing dll"-errors started appearing in other applications.

To be specific, Quicktime and iTunes started shouting about missing dll's on startup. It wasn't a complete showstopper, both applications would run anyway, but it was quite annoying to have to click three popups every time I tried to watch a filmclip or listen to music. After a quick search on Google, I found that other people were having the same issues after uninstalling Pinnacle, and Quicktime/iTunes weren't the only applications to be affected. You would think a quick reinstall of the affected apps would fix the problem, but no, the errors kept popping up.

The files your system claims to be missing are the following: vfmpegu.dll, dialogsu.dll, fileiou.dll, futilu.dll, gbtoolsu.dll, setfileu.dll, vafxu.dll. I decided to make a post on the Creative Cow support forum for Avid Liquid, and after a few weeks I finally got an e-mail from Edgar Vallejo containing the missing dll's.

How to fix it

Fixing the issue is quite simple once you have the files. I have uploaded the missing dll-files to our company web server and will walk you through the process.
  1. Start by downloading each of the files I have linked below. For most browsers you can either just click the link and opt to save the file to your computer, or right-click the link and save the file. Preferably, make a new folder somewhere called "liquid missing dll" to put them in (to keep them all in the same place).
    vfmpegu.dll, dialogsu.dll, fileiou.dll, futilu.dll, gbtoolsu.dll, setfileu.dll, vafxu.dll
  2. Select all the files and choose to copy them, either by right-clicking and selecting "copy", or by using the keyboard shortcut ctrl+c.
  3. Browse your way to the "system" folder inside your "Windows" folder (usually c:\windows\system\).
  4. Paste all the files in the "system"-folder, either by right-clicking and selecting "paste" or by using the keyboard shortcut ctrl+v.
Basically, just get the dll-files into your "c:\windows\system"-folder, and you're done. The errors will stop appearing. Big thanks to the Creative Cow-people, and Edgar Vallejo in particular for helping and providing dll-files.

I have also uploaded the dll-files to as an alternative download location.

Oh, and Pinnacle, I am no software engineer, but this seems like poor work from you guys. You might (or Avid might) want to look into preventing this from happening.

Update: If you have any trouble finding/downloading the DLL-files, e-mail me and I'll hook you up.

Update 2: Avid seems to have released a fix of their own now. I haven't tried this myself, but at least one reader reports that it works.

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  1. Anonymous00:44

    you've helped me out more than you'll ever know. been dealing with this issue for several weeks.

  2. oscarverywild10:04

    I guess I was getting used to that stupid missing dll warning. Thank you so much for your help.

  3. Anonymous19:35

    I don't speak english but...

    Quicktime, iTunes and Adobe Premiere started shouting about missing dll's on startup.

    Saludos desde Argentina.

  4. wow! it work's!!!!!!!!! thank you so much!


    --- vive le québec libre! ---

  5. Anonymous21:25

    Thx a lot! You made my day :)
    Reverendo Jones (From Brazil)

  6. Anonymous21:03

    I'd like to add my sincere thanks.


  7. Anonymous01:13

    ohhh my friend, thanks very much.
    From POrtugal

    Carlos REis

  8. Hey man, thanks a lot. I was puzzled over this but I'm glad I stumbled onto your site. Keep up the good work.


  9. Anonymous04:18

    By the way, if you're on Windows XP, you will have to copy the files into the system32 folder.

  10. Hey thank you so much for this. I've been looking all over the web for this fix. Harmless, but very annoying. Maybe Liquid should fix this issue, if they haven't already.


  11. Anonymous04:21

    O yes, thank you so much, just as oscarverywild mentioned, I was also getting used to the f***ing Error Message!

  12. Anonymous22:48

    Many thanks. Like belt with a steering-wheel for a buckle - this has been driving me nuts!

  13. Thank you for having all the DLL files available on one site instead of having to google each one individually. I'm really pissed off at Pinnacle for this.

  14. Anonymous07:27

    THANK YOU!!!!!! So much!!!!
    Can't thank you enough, really!
    You rock man.

    Thank you thank you thank you.

  15. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you.

    The instructions were easy to read and there were convienient links to all of the missing files. The 'fix' takes less than 3 minutes and cures the problem 100%

    Also, an all-around cool blog - adding it to my favorites.


  16. Nice one, thanks.


  17. Anonymous16:28

    same error message from Adobe InDesign and tried your elegant fix... Once again, you've saved someone's a$#!

    Elling, by the way, was a great movie.

    Tom in New Jersey, USA

  18. I don't know at all but you are my HERO !
    I could offer you my daughter's hand if I had one.

    I've been getting error messages for weeks, specially with Picasa2

  19. thanx so much man!!! :)

  20. Seems like the links to the files on my site were down shortly, should be back up now. E-mail me if you have trouble retrieving the files.

  21. Diggiti18:17

    thx playa . This was a big pain !

  22. Lennart13:55

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! I had this problem now for almost a year and i couldn't find the file fileiou.dll and now.. All my problems are solved.. it was so annoying everytime!! THANK YOU!!!

  23. Anonymous05:17

    Worked great. I couldn't figure this out, and it fixed it right away. Thanks!

  24. Anonymous20:04

    my timeline no show???


  25. 10x man!

    It worked perfectly!

    Btw. the Avid fix doesn't work - I even don't have a folder named QTCompenents...

  26. Anonymous23:07

    Excellent work. Thanks for this solution to yet another problem with Pinnacle and their rushed-to-market ware.

  27. Anonymous11:57

    Thank you very very very much!!!!!!

  28. Anonymous15:18

    hey, thanks a lot. Switzerland sends you the best regards. How I hat Pinnacle. I melted it in Swiss chocolate and started with Adobe.
    Daniel from Switzerland

  29. Anonymous15:18

    Thanks a lot for this !
    It was very boring...
    Marc (from France)

  30. Anonymous23:46

    Many Many thanks, Great stuff

  31. Same happened to me just today and I also got stuck at the file fileiou.dll. charges $8.95 to download the file (crazy)
    Same deal with the other two files: vfmpegu.dll and gbtoolsu.dll. I got vafxu.dll, setfileu.dll, futilu.dll and dialogsu.dll for free from

    You were a life saver by putting up the other three up for download without charging $8.95 each. I don't know why or other free dll download sites don't have those three dlls on their sites. It must be copyright issue I guess.

    fileiou.dll, vfmpegu.dll and gbtoolsu.dll are Pinnacle's and not Microsoft's, but so are vafxu.dll, setfileu.dll, futilu.dll and dialogsu.dll, which were available for free (I wonder what Apple iTunes and QuickTime does with Pinnacle DLLs).

    Pinnacle should interfere with the business of who is trying to rip off customers. I bet that a few people buy actually a needed DLL out of desperation.

    I hope that my mentioning of the DLL names will boost your ranking for them in Google a bit that your post will show up on page one.

    Thanks again and cheers!

  32. Anonymous22:45

    So much thank`s man, i´m desesperate because, i have a same problem whit my PC. Your fix it`s a very util. See you to the next problem, but have a so long time.

  33. BeaN14:23

    Thanks man!! I was looking for fileiou.dll since last year! Finally I can use Cinema4D without windows advice every 2 minutes!

    Bye from Catania (Italy)


  34. Anonymous23:55

    You can not be thanked enough!!! you restore not only my software but my faith in the human race! many thanks

    JR Tasmania Australia

  35. Celso23:38

    Thank u very much.

    From Italy


  36. patron17:48

    Thank's a lot,you have been a GREAT help,things are back to normal,fantastic.

  37. Anonymous15:06

    Thank you for your assistance. This was great a help because I've searched online for a while and everyone wants to charge your for assitance. You've saved me time and money ($29.99 or more). Thanks.

  38. maaaaaaaannnnnnyyyyyyy THX

  39. Anonymous23:03

    Thank you, you helped me restore QT and itunes. As for Avid's solution -- it doesn't work for me, because it tells you to delete files that I didn't have in the first place.

    Thanks again!

  40. Anonymous20:09

    thank you very much for your help! It's nice to have people like you out there :)

  41. Thanks a lot, after 7 months I found your help. It´s really discusting what pinnacle have done and I don´t think they solved the problem yet. Worst of all is when we read the contracts of softwares, they say, we are not guilt for any problem in your computer after that, they fight against piracy, but don´t do the best. I bought Pinnacle 11 after all, it suddenly stops working all the time, pinnacle says the problem is your computer. I have the best one, quadricore 3.0, the best board, video 512 ddr3, and 4kingstone Ram. Never more.
    Brazil Guy

  42. Anonymous03:12

    Awesome! Thanks for the post. Resolve my Google Picasa errors.

  43. Anonymous23:41

    Thanks very much!

  44. Anonymous03:08

    Thank you very much! I, too, was having this problem - I had been using Avid Liquid very successfully until we did a hard-drive upgrade. After that, Liquid would open, but I couldn't view clips. After a LOT of communications with Avid and Pinnacle, and no resolution, I made the break and switched to Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. Best move I ever made. HOWEVER, the ghost of Liquid followed, and when I opened Premiere Pro, and Soundbooth, I was getting these "missing ****.dll" messages. I too did the individual internet hunt to find the files, one by one - and then had the question of - where to put them. I knew they were missing because the software told me that, but it didn't tell me where to put them. I tried a bit of a random selection, and that seemed to work, but your website was fantastic. Now I know that I have all the right .dll files, and in the right place!!!


  45. Anonymous00:06

    Cheers mate . thanks for the Dll's

  46. Anonymous09:04

    Danke jetzt funktioniert wieder alles wie es soll.
    Thank you, working all normaly

  47. Anonymous12:04

    vfmpegu was misssing, thnx for your help, problem is solved!

    Frans the dutch

  48. Anonymous21:48

    Thanks for the post !!!

  49. Anonymous20:33

    Tusen takk for hjelpen.

    Thank you very much, after removing Liquid this same problem happend to me when starting premiere pro.

    Now life is much easier.

    Greetings from Bergen

  50. Anonymous20:05

    Great post, many thanks!!

  51. Anonymous00:36

    Bravo. Works like a charm.

  52. Anonymous17:50

    Grazie tantissime dall'Italia!!! (thank you very much from Italy)


  53. Anonymous18:48

    Your the MANN!!! good job will the DLL's research

  54. Anonymous18:23

    Thank you so much for the help !!!!!!1

  55. Works like a charm, thanks a lot!

  56. Anonymous12:16

    u r one good star

  57. Anonymous09:45

    thx man! this pop-up was real pain in the a**

  58. Anonymous03:43

    big, big, big thanks!

  59. Peter09:06

    Thanks I have also been looking for the three that were being asked to pay money for. As they are pinnicle dll's then that to me is an infingement on copywright, but your posting them for everyone with this problem is a God send. Thanks again, I can get past that problem now hopefully.

  60. Anonymous15:20

    Many thanks for this.
    Problem solved.

  61. Anonymous03:00

    i use blender for 3d production with video but everything stoped working....asking for all these dll's after i removed pinnacle. thank you so much.....

  62. Vamsi17:34

    Thanks. Excellent advice!

  63. Thank you for this post. I recently cleaned up my PC and had been getting those error messages ever since. I wish I had found this sooner!

  64. Anonymous17:10

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Anonymous16:50

    this is the very first time to post a comment in the pc. THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHHHHH .I had not an idea what the hell was wrong with the pc and i forgot that i installed an unistalled the stupid pinnacle software!thanks again

  66. Anonymous10:30

    thank's a lot

  67. Anonymous16:08


    Since this error would not prevent from using the software I've been living with it for longer than a year. Now I am free from that annoying popups and it's all because of this post. Thank you and.. Keep on with Philanthropy!


  68. Anonymous19:49

    Thanks a bundle! It worked fine for me!

  69. Thanks a lot.

    Great post.

  70. Anonymous13:36

    Thanks a lot. It worked to me!!!!

  71. Anonymous19:05

    Muchas gracias amigo, una gran ayuda.
    Saludos desde Madrid

  72. Really, thanks!!

  73. Excellent! Many thanks to you and Edgar Vallejo!

  74. Anonymous18:00

    Thank you very much!!!



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