Sunday, 10 September 2006

Faroe Islands

I went back to my roots this week, at least in terms of language, visiting the Faroe Islands for a seminar about the PICYBU project. I'm not actually involved with this project, but I was asked to go by Tvibit to hold a short speak about filmmaking and how Tvibit has been a vital part of helping me achieve my goals in life.

This small part of the Danish kingdom is located off the west coast of Norway, and consists of several small islands. There are roughly 50 000 inhabitants here, of which about 20 000 live in the capital city of T├│rshavn. It's not the kind of place you often get a chance to go to, so I grabbed the opportunity the second it came up.

On our way back to the hotel

It turned out to be a smart decision, Faroe Islands is a quite spectacular place and the inhabitants are very friendly. During the week we were treated to a delicious meal of lamb in a real farmer's home, we were taken on a trip around one of the islands with a very nice sailboat, and we were given an exclusive concert inside a cave of sorts. The captain on the boat also dived for shells, and served us a dinner of blue shells and fish.

Hopefully I'll get the chance to go back some day. I know my girlfriend wants to ;)

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