Thursday, 28 September 2006

Apple, What's up? 7.0.1 Messed Up

A big selling point for Apple has always been the fact that stuff they make "just works" right out of the box, no bugs, no viruses, no nothing. And to a large extent, this has been quite true compared to what Windows users have to deal with.

Maybe with the exception of the latest release of iTunes. I was one of the lucky people not to be affected by all the problems other users reported after updating to the 7.0 version of Apple's mediaplayer. My iPod worked just fine, and I had no problem with album art, skippy playback or any of the other issues reported by fans worldwide.

Yesterday, Apple released an updated version 7.0.1 to address these issues, and I decided to update, just in case... And what do you know. After updating my flawless 7.0 to 7.0.1, my iTunes is messed up. Skippy playback, and crashes on exit. Listening to music on my computer is currently a nightmare.

What's up Apple? Why did you mess up my iTunes? You're currently losing a lot of credit in my book. I guess it's time to take those annoying Mac ads off the air, because the "just works" selling point just isn't valid anymore.


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