Sunday, 27 August 2006

Busy Week

This week is going to be an unusually busy one. First off, I'm going to Lofoten and Vesterålen to shoot some pictures for a commercial video we're doing for Norwegian entrepreneur Secora. It's a three day shoot, and unfortunately booked in at the very end of the week. Which means I'll just barely get home for the next gig this week, a short film with director Ole Giæver, shot on location Saturday.

We were supposed to be done shooting with Secora by August, but as usual there has been delays in the process, and we're just wrapping it up now. There are some things you can't prevent, no matter how well prepared you are...

Back in Tromsø I'll just catch a good night's sleep, and head out again. We'll be shooting the short film on a mountain outside Tromsø with actors Anders Baasmo Christiansen and Bjørn Sundquist, who's characters will be trying to avoid each other. It's a tricky situation in the middle of nowhere, and I think the outcome will be quite funny.

Location scouting outside Tromsø with Ole

I guess I've lived through worse before... Next Sunday will be spent sleeping ;)

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