Friday, 12 May 2006

Top 5 Things I Want Improved in Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks is Google's well hidden attempt at online bookmarking. It's got all the basic features - you can add your favourite sites and apply labels - and it supports feeds for integration with your browser. But that's about it. Apart from being an online storage for your links, it's not really useful yet, and most other similar services (like beat the crap out of it. So here is my top 5 list of things I want to see improved in Google Bookmarks, whenever Google decides to improve it:
  1. The ability to put together a search query in my favourites, and then be supplied with a feed containing all the results.
    Currently you can only view 10 items per page. So if you have a label that contains 16 items, and you want to add this label as a live bookmark to Firefox, you have to add two live bookmarks... One for each page! Google Bookmarks doesn't seem to supply feeds based on your currently active combination of labels, instead it supplies a feed for the currently active page. Which would be a selection of 10 items based on sorting options.
  2. Integration with Google's other services and applications.
    Currently there is little to no integration with the rest of Google's range of services. Natural products to integrate Google Bookmarks with includes Google Desktop (there is a gadget for, but not for Google Bookmarks), Google Toolbar, maybe the upcoming Google Notebook and of course Google Search.
  3. Some more AJAX/web 2.0 love.
    The keyboard shortcut system that Gmail and Google Reader for the most part share, would do Google Bookmarks good. The ease and speed of navigation in these applications are amazing.
  4. Tracking of my useage stats.
    It would be nice if Google tracked my useage stats, allowing me for example to easily access my own most popular bookmarks.
  5. A public directory where I can browse and search all the bookmarks from different users by tags.
    Currently you cannot do much with your bookmarks. Being a collection of links that you personally have given the thumbs up, already categorized through tabs, it is a valuable resource for other surfers. Most other online (or "social") bookmarking services offer directories like this, and I think it is a really nice way of finding quality content inside a defined genre (read tag or combination of tags).
So why don't I just use some of the other already available services that already offer a lot of the things I'm requesting? I don't know. I want Google to organize my bookmarks.

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