Tuesday, 28 March 2006

I Found Teddy!

Surfing around the internet today, I discovered an interesting arts project. Someone is collecting teddybears from secondhand shops in my home city Tromsø, and publishing their images online. The objective is to find the original owners, and uncover stories and memories connected to the teddies.

So I opened the site to look for some of my old friends, and what do you know, there's Mickey on the front page! My friend and faithful companion through a tough childhood in the 80s (yeah, it was a difficult decade :p).

Allright, so I don't know yet for sure that it's the actual teddybear that I drooled on 20 years ago, but at least it's an exact match. I'll just have to dig up some childhood photoes of me and Mickey to prove our past friendship. We went through a lot together, first steps, potty training, and the likes... I hope he isn't mad at me for abandoning him to play with newer and cooler toys.

The project website is in Norwegian, and can be visited at http://www.secondhandstory.no/.


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